Using Music in Therapy

music therapy

Throughout the ages, music has been used as a form of therapy. In more recent history, therapy music was used to help war veterans to improve from their emotional and physical traumas. The patients often responded well so the doctors began to request the services of musicians to help with the therapy.

A professional music therapist will gauge the cognitive skills, social functioning, physical health, and emotional well-being of the patient and how they respond to the music. After the initial assessment, the therapist will design individual or group music sessions for therapy.

Children and adolescents respond especially well to music therapy. Others who benefit from this kind of therapy include Alzheimer’s patients, those with learning disabilities, and the elderly. Music therapy is a wonderful way to encourage patients to express their feelings.

You can often find professional music therapist and schools, private practices, correctional facilities, nursing homes, drug and alcohol programs, medical hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and rehabilitative facilities.

Many people seem to think that patients need to have musical abilities to benefit from the therapy. This is not true. Anyone can benefit from this therapy with any kind of music. Often, though, the type of music that is used is based on the patient’s history, needs, and background.

Even people that are considered healthy can benefit from the powers of music. Productivity can be improved and stress reduced by making or listening to music. Physical exercise can be greatly enhanced by music as well. Labor and delivery can also be helped with music therapy.

Music therapy is often used in hospitals to help alleviate pain. It is typically used in conjunction with pain medication and anesthesia. Music helps because it elevates the patient’s mood and helps to dissolve their emotional barriers. They can also sedate and calm the patient and counteract depression. Music therapy is a way to help the patient relax and reduce muscle tension.

In 1994, music therapy became an official active treatment when it is prescribed by a physician as deemed as necessary to treat the patient. As more research goes into music therapy and its benefits, it will likely become a more prominent form of therapy for anyone dealing with chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, and many other problems.

Using Music to Relieve Stress

music stress relief

Why do people love music so much? Well, for one thing, music has always allowed us to relax. We could sit back and I recliner at the end of the day and unwind to our favorite music. Music has always helped the human body and mind relax. Experts now agree with this assessment. Research has shown that music helps to ease the nerves, relax us, and relieve stress.

The busy lives we tend to lead these days has started to cost us all. Humans are not built biologically to handle the kind of life we lead today. It has only been in the past 30 to 40 years that we have seen this level of stress. Being that our bodies are not used to this, the stress harms us physically and mentally. Stress relief music can help us.

There are a lot of theories on how stress relief music works. Many believe that this type of music mimics the mother’s heartbeat in the womb. Others do not agree with this. Everyone seems to agree, though, that listening to stress relief music calms people down and impacts their subconscious.

Different people react the same kind of music in a different way. This means that a certain kind of stress relief music may calm one person but not another. If you use the wrong kind of stress relief music for someone, it can cause more harm than good. You need to understand what the person likes to help determine which kind of music will help them best.

Studies have shown that when the music is less than 72 beats per minutes or slower than the natural heartbeat of a human, it tends to work well at relieving stress. Monotonous sounds and music with rhythms also tend to calm the nerves.

The typical stress relief music is used to calm a person, there is also music that can help make someone more active. Hearing music with beats and faster rhythms can cause a person to be more active in a time when they are normally slow.

More and more people are starting to use stress relief music to destress. We all listen to music each day, but when we listen to the right kind of music, it can help us to relax and remove the stress we are feeling.

A Brief Look at Country Music

country music

When you think of country music, what comes to mind? Many people think of runaway dogs, broken down trucks, and lost loves. This perception isn’t what country music is these days, though. In fact, country music is one of the most popular types of music in the United States.

Country music was born in the late 19th century and has changed quite a bit over the years. There are quite a few sub-genres to country music now, with many being played on the top radio stations nationwide.

There are a few instruments in country music that are common. The most common one used in country music is the fiddle. Most of the instruments used in country music are relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to transport. In the beginning, the fiddle was typically the only instrument used in country music. As the style of music became more popular, though, other instruments began accompanying the fiddle. In the mid-1800s, the banjo became popular in country music. In the early 1900s, the guitar became popular. In the 1950s, the electric guitar became a regular instrument in country music. There are some other instruments that are used in country music such as the piano and the drums. In some country songs, there are some more distinctive sounding instruments sees such as the washboards, the harmonica, and the accordion.

The roots of country music come from several different styles. It first began when the settlers came over from Europe. Songs were written and sung during that time to pass down history from one generation to another since many people could not read or write. Over time, country music has changed from focusing on events to be more personal.

When you listen to the country music of today, it is often very similar to the rock and pop genres on the radio. In fact, many country musicians have songs playing on other radio stations that are not even considered country.

Country music has come a long way from its origins and the sounds that most people tend to associate with that style of music. This style is no longer just for the backcountry people but loved by people from all sorts of backgrounds.

Music and Technology

music technology

Technology has made our lives easier over the years. There are constantly new developments and opportunities in entertainment through those technological advances. Thanks to the internet, all this technology is just a mouse click away.

In the past, if you wanted to listen to a song you would have to visit the local music store or watch a band perform at a concert. Now, whenever you want to listen to some great music, all you must do is log on to the Internet and choose your favorites. There is no need to venture out this technology has brought everything you want right into your home.

This is great news for music lovers all over the world. With this technology, not only can you listen to your favorite music, but you can even see the lyrics on the screen. The best part is, you can do all this from the comfort of your home.

This not only benefits music lovers, but the companies who produce the music have realized the full potential of the Internet and are using it as a marketing device to promote their music. Not only can you watch the music videos online, but you can also rate those videos. This will help other members to decide what they would like to watch and provides feedback to the companies that produce the music about the choices their fans prefer.

By searching for your favorite music online, you have access to the whole world of music giving you the control you desire. You can decide what you want to listen to and how you want to listen to it. You can then listen to your music or watch your music videos as often as you want and at your convenience. This musical world online is waiting for you to explore. All you must do is log in and search for your favorite music and the tunes you want to listen to.

A Look at Jazz

jazz music

Jazz music is a type of music from the soul. People from across the world have created their own interpretation of jazz that intertwines their own culture. There are a few things about jazz music, though, that is consistent anywhere you find the music.

You need to consider the general sound that the style of music creates and the aesthetic nature of the songs. Each culture will add a traitor two that represents their people to the jazz music to make it their own.

Through experimenting, you can find traits that come from many different styles of music and fit them together in harmony. This can help you to create a new style of music or add an ethnic trait to the style of music that is already established. Jazz music, though, takes what is Artie known about this music style and expands it without changing the main core of jazz music.

Research has shown that Jazz music was created using a walking bass line, improvisation, chordal harmony, speech rhythms, and syncopation. The most common instruments used to perform jazz music are string bass, brass, and percussion. These days, you also find woodwinds and strings added to most jazz music. These give the music more of a tonal quality in the sound. The lowest double bass stringed instruments and the upper stringed instruments help to expand the sound of jazz music in depth and height.

The woodwinds and their breathy sounds add to the music by softening the sound. By having instruments that represent all the musical families, the sound becomes richer and fuller. When the artist was to change the sound of the jazz music, they must determine which elements they want to expand or add on.

Some of the elements that you may see a change in jazz music include resonance, rhythm, and tone color. You will find in other countries that perform jazz music, that they will often use the stringed instruments that are native to their country.

Despite the different kinds of jazz music around the world, they all keep the same theme of representing the soul of the people.

Benefits of Music

Benefits of music

Have you ever stopped to consider all the benefits of music in our lives? We find music everywhere around us, from the dancing of the brooks to the rhythms of nature.

Some of the benefits of music are as follows:

  1. Research has shown that children who learn to play music are more likely to become computer professionals, engineers, and doctors. When a child learns music, they further develop the area of the brain that is responsible for reasoning and language. Music can also help to sharpen their memory.\
  2. Music can help teach self-expression, discipline, teamwork, and coordination
  3. Plants thrive in a musical environment
  4. Children raised around music or proven to be more joyous, fulfilled, and happy
  5. Music in religious settings is said to free the soul and lift the heaviness
  6. Music can be used for its meditative properties
  7. Music has been proven to help people function better. When music is playing, many people find that they enjoy the activities they are participating in better.
  8. Music and help to strengthen the bonds of a society or culture.
  9. Scientists use music to help further unravel the mysteries of the human consciousness and mind and to map behaviors
  10. Music tends to help people who deal with anger and resentment issues and helps them to overcome feelings of loss and sorrow. It can help to give hope and lift the spirit and mind out of despair. Singing lullabies to the fussing child has been something that mothers have been doing for centuries.
  11. Music can also be used to increase excitement in people. It has been used often to help crowds get excited at football matches and music concerts, to instigate raw emotions during revolts, and to call armies to war through the beating of the drums.

Different kinds of music can evoke different fillings in different people. Classical music is often used to soothe the mind while rock music gets your heart racing. Chants, on the other hand, can send people into a trance. You can use music in different ways to affect people differently. Music can be anything from a soft lullaby that puts the baby to sleep to music that riles up even the most peaceful person to act.